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74 Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea, 3000 Melbourne

Bezglutenowa Australisjka Nowoczesna Wegetariańska

A Gault&Millau Australia TOP 100 restaurant Just when you think the immensely talented Ben Shewry has hit his creative peak, out comes the new seasonal menu with innovative combinations showcasing more unique concepts featuring native ingredients in a meaningful way. Restaurant Manager Kevin McSteen sets the perfect tone for the experience, with exactly the right balance between jovial and professional for his dream service team to emulate – so intuitive, they are almost channelling your next wish. Your journey through the menu starts with a series of playful snacks, from a vibrant take on a taco to the signature ‘An Imperfect History of Ripponlea’ trio. The divine Byron Bay crab served with wattle bread and cultured butter sets a new benchmark for a bread course, while the Flinders Island salt-cured red kangaroo is a stunning course celebrating the new wave of Australian cuisine. Featuring sublime texture, the ‘beach’ potato is seasoned beautifully, and is followed by spectacular marron served in its shell with desert lime XO. PSST! The gardens at the historic Rippon Lea Estate provide Attica with a range of herbs from the plots, maintained by and for the restaurant, along with an array of offerings from the estate’s impressive orchard. Reviewed for the 2019 Guide

Selected by Gault&Millau Selection
19 / 20

Vue de monde

Level 55, Rialto, 525 Collins Street, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Nowoczesna Australisjka Deser Bezglutenowa

A Gault&Millau Australia TOP 100 restaurant UPDATE: In late February 2019, Hugh Allen (winner of the 2015 Gault&Millau Potentialist of the Year) was appointed as Executive Chef at Vue de monde. Prodigiously talented Executive Chef Justin James, with both Eleven Madison Park and noma on his résumé, now leads the kitchen team at Shannon Bennett’s Vue de monde. The stellar view from Rialto’s 55th floor sparkles like a diamond; however, it is not long before the exceptional team of hospitality professionals at Vue draw you back to the beauty that is on your plate. The chef’s tasting menu commences with a series of snacks ranging from exquisite winter vegetables smoked in paperbark to a sublime mud crab snag with kohlrabi and tarragon. The divine marron showcased two ways features Jerusalem artichoke, with Geraldton wax and desert lime as the switch-up, and is flawlessly executed. Exquisite potato cylinders, with smoked eel, watercress emulsion and garnished with Yarra Valley salmon roe, hit the mark for innovation. The memorable David Blackmore Wagyu tongue, garnished with lashings of truffle, elevates offal to a new level, while the tender suckling pig, served within a cabbage with Dijon mustard and kimchi, delivers another dish with superb texture and balance. PSST! Start your evening in the stunning Lui Bar. Reviewed for the 2019 Guide

Selected by Gault&Millau Selection
18 / 20


Upper Level, Overseas Passenger Terminal, 5 Hickson Road, The Rocks, 2000 Sydney

Bezglutenowa Deser Nowoczesna Wegetariańska

UPDATE: In May 2019, Troy Crisante and Tim Mifsud were announced as co-Head Chefs at Quay. A Gault&Millau Australia TOP 100 restaurant The much anticipated relaunch of Quay sees Executive Chef Peter Gilmore, Chef de Cuisine Rob Kabboord and Sous Chef Tim Mifsud fully reimagine and design the menu so that it will continue to evolve and grow. The formality of both the service and the room has seen significant changes too. Consciously pared back, with less seating capacity, and a more accessible wine list, the result is a far more vibrant room. With a choice of menus and wine-matching options, the diner can shape the dining experience. The beautifully presented ‘oyster intervention’ delivers the full spectrum and nuance of flavours without the traditional textural expectation. Next, an exquisitely plated pea garden is counterpointed by miso and anchovy, followed by a rockpool of hand-harvested seafood with virgin soy, seaweed and aged vinegar. The signature smoked pig jowl has survived the transition and remains a triumph, the sum of its parts being the essence of a perfectly balanced dish. PSST! The famed snow egg may be officially retired, however, its dessert successor – white coral – is sure to win over a new generation of diners. Reviewed for the 2019 Guide

Selected by Gault&Millau Selection
18 / 20

Berowra Waters Inn

Via East or West Public Wharves, Berowra Waters, 2000 Sydney

Nowoczesna Wegetariańska Bezglutenowa Deser

A Gault&Millau Australia TOP 100 restaurant Chef Brian Geraghty, in respectful homage to the iconic site, is passionate about exploring and redefining the boundaries of contemporary cuisine, given the immeasurable legacy Berowra Waters Inn has contributed to the industry. The service, overseen by the accomplished Victoria Zwierzynski, sets a benchmark on par with the sublime food and spectacular setting of the restaurant. The exceptional first course of scampi, coconut and cucumber wows beyond all expectations, showcasing flawless balance, textures, acidity and the subtle nuance of Asian flavours. A beautifully seared pair of plump scallops, with vibrant peas, mint and exquisite jamón broth, is a very well executed dish. Delicately cooked snapper with basil puree, courgettes and squid ink is the flavoursome sum of its parts. And what’s not to like about the exquisitely executed beef that follows, served with a silky onion soubise and more-ish bone marrow mash! The bleu de Laqueuille cheese course is elevated by its innovative presentation and textural counterpoints. PSST! Arrive by the restaurant’s complimentary boat transfer, or charter a seaplane and take in the fabulous views over Sydney en route. Reviewed for the 2019 Guide


226 Coventry Street, South Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Nowoczesna Australisjka Bezglutenowa Deser

A Gault&Millau Australia TOP 100 restaurant With Executive Chef Shaun Quade handing over Lûmé to former Gault&Millau Young Talent award winner John Rivera, as he spreads his wings abroad to Los Angeles, it is hard not to reflect on the magnitude of his achievement. The red-brick exterior of the quaint terrace house belies the ultra-modern interior, which is chic yet welcoming. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings and light timber furniture and fittings create an airy feel. The vibrant sea corn taco is a playful way to start the snacks, before the stunningly elegant and flawless salted beets and elderberries with apple and mountain marigold redefines your perception of balance. Triggering the sense memory of our stunning coastal lifestyle, the signature pearl on the ocean floor is a conceptually brilliant dish that encapsulates Contemporary cuisine at its very best. The beautifully plated scarlet prawn with asparagus and lemon myrtle is a lovely prelude to the sublime aged duck, smoked over melaleuca – a dish that sits on the edge of perfection. PSST! An exciting new approach and era beckons, with Lûmé transitioning to another point in its evolving culinary journey. Reviewed for the 2019 Guide

Selected by Gault&Millau Selection
18 / 20

Grossi Florentino

80 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000 Melbourne

Włoska Wegetariańska Deser Bezglutenowa

A Gault&Millau Australia TOP 100 restaurant Executive Chef Chris Rodriguez and Chef de Cuisine Matteo Toffano ensure both the inspiration and vision of owner/ chef Guy Grossi are delivered without compromise, so his flagship restaurant Grossi Florentino stays authentic, while also remaining relevant. There are few service experiences delivered with so much panache – from the dedicated stools for bag storage to the seasoning of your wine glasses – in the magnificence of one of Melbourne’s most grandiose dining rooms. The meal gets off to a perfect start with a divine entree of flawlessly executed, astutely seasoned sea scallops, finished off with a lush garnish of lardo, fennel and seaweed crisps. The house-made fettuccine with fresh morels, marjoram, parmigiano reggiano and truffle is a wow dish that instantly connects with one’s deep love of food, while the flavoursome Great Ocean Road duck with Jerusalem artichoke and caponata is innovatively served with a sweet, sour and salty Asian twist in a nicely balanced dish. PSST! Perhaps start your Grossi Florentino experience in the atmospheric Cellar Bar that dates back to 1918 when Samuel Wynn owned it. Reviewed for the 2019 Guide