Young Henrys Team Up With Inertia Record Club

Offering tunes with their tinnies

The announcement that Young Henrys will be bringing the tunes with their beer, aligning with Inertia Record Club delivers some feel-good news. 


With our live music scene on hiatus, Young Henrys can’t help but feel like there’s a hole in their hearts that needs filling. So, they’re teaming up with a few of their music mates to bring everyone the ultimate beer pairing that is certain to deliver good vibes and tasty suds direct to the backyard.


Key points below –


  •   For a limited time, Young Henrys is offering a 12-inch vinyl and a case of beer for just $85 
  •   Vinyls include Body Type, The Delta Riggs, Alex Cameron or Hazel English
  •   Offer available through the Young Henrys website
  •   Established in 2012 in the back streets of Newtown, Young Henrys is an eclectic group of passionate
       brewers, distillers, musicians and artists. They’ve never been fans of only talking shop with their own
       industry. The brewery is always seeking the sweet spot where collaboration becomes alchemy
  •   Inertia Records are lovers of music who collaborate with some of the finest independent artists and labels
       within Australia and around the world


Young Henrys

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