What do you get when you cross Italian Prosecco and a vintage VW Kombi?

Introducing VBUB…

Based in Sydney, VBUB is run by Prosecco enthusiasts and husband and wife Jessica and Jess Nugent. A huge hit at weddings, festivals and events, VBUB brings together bubbles, classic vehicles and sustainability with their custom restored, fully licensed 1962 VW Kombi Van, serving up delicious Italian Prosecco on tap.


The concept for VBUB came about when owners Jessica and Jess Nugent had the idea of opening a food truck. After toying with the idea of gelato, prawns and scallops or waffles, they eventually settled on the idea of a Prosecco van after noticing the increasing interest in Italian Prosecco across Europe and the UK.


Whilst on holiday on the Sunshine Coast, they happened to stumble across a 1962 Kombi high top “Mr Frosty ice cream van” and fell in love with it immediately. The van was restored by Nick and Keri from The Kombi Shop, who have since become good friends of VBUB. Everything from the colour scheme to the internal fit out and the logistics of functionality – all were all essential to bring their VBUB vision to life. The project came together beautifully and their fabulous 1962 baby blue Kombi van is one of a kind and the perfect addition to any event.


VBUB’s wine list is carefully curated to satisfy those bubbly cravings with the use of TAP Wines. VBUB’s sparkling wine – consisting of 100% Glera Grapes – is imported from the Veneto region in Italy. This crisp Prosecco is served ice cold out of VBUB’s taps, ensuring every glass is as perfect as the next.


Prosecco has taken Australia by storm, with Aussies drawn to its easy drinking style. VBUB’s Prosecco features notes of apple, pear and white peach with perfectly balanced acidity. VBUB not only serves Prosecco, but a selection of beer and rosé from Italy, sauvignon blanc from France, shiraz from Victoria and spritz all on tap. All the Prosecco and wine that VBUB serves is vegan.


VBUB’s TAP system is completely environmentally friendly; each cylinder stores 20 litres of wine (the equivalent to 26 bottles). The cylinders are entirely reusable, and the glasses are 100% recyclable and BPA free, reducing VBUB’s carbon footprint. The VBUB team are committed to making their business as sustainable as possible to ensure their customers feel as though they are making a positive difference when drinking their delicious Prosecco. Their commitment to The Carbon Project has contributed to the elimination of 200,000 bottles going to landfill. The project also plants a tree for every keg sold, to offset their carbon emissions.


VBUB is co-owned by Jessica and Jess Nugent. Jessica started out in hospitality management in England, working in the wine industry for a brief time, and soon shifted over to function and event management in Central London. Jess on the other hand, has 30 years of experience in both England and Australia in the reinforced concrete industry. VBUB is run entirely by the charismatic couple, who possess an undeniable love for good food and wine. They are always up for a laugh and a chat while serving up delicious ice-cold Prosecco to thirsty customers. 


VBUB create a unique and easygoing ambience for a range of events, including corporate events, weddings, product launches, charity events and festivals etc.


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