Vizio Caffé e Cucina’s Moscato North Fashioned

Vizio’s North Fashioned follows the steps of making any other normal Old Fashioned – of course, featuring Grappa (and what a Grappa!)

The grappa used for this cocktail is made by Distillerie Berta (one of the biggest & most important names of Piemonte and the entire grappa scene). The Grappa itself is a Moscato Grape Grappa and it’s called Bric Del Gaian. As you can probably imagine, being a 10-year-old Grappa, it has developed a strong & complex personality, highlighting many aromatic sensations, such as tropical fruit, forest fruit, herbs & spices, and vanilla.

Vizio Caffé e Cucina's Moscato North Fashioned



45ml Bric Del Gaian Berta

3–5g white sugar

3ml soda water

Drops Angostura Bitters

To garnish: orange peel, red grape



1) Chill a mixing glass, filling it up with ice. Stir and drain the excess water.

2) In a DOF glass, place a sugar block in the centre of the glass and saturate it with Angostura Bitters.

3) Add the soda water and, after few seconds, muddle the sugar together with the soda water, until obtaining a paste-like mix. Make sure all the sugar is dissolved.

4) Add 45ml of Bric Del Gaian to the mixing glass and stir for 30 secs. Strain the Grappa into the DOF glass.

5) After giving it a quick stir, add an ice sphere to the DOF glass.

6) Squeeze the essential oil of the orange peel into the DOF glass.

7) Decorate with a little skewer of orange peel & red grape.