Victorian hospitality industry unites to launch Feb Fire Fund


Raising money for the Gippsland community


Leading Victorian chefs Jesse Gerner, Scott Pickett and Alejandro Saravia along with 3RRR Host Cam Smith are calling on the Victorian hospitality industry to unite in joining #RestaurantsforRelief, raising money for the Gippsland community through #FebFireFund.


“This summer’s bushfires have ravaged our fair state. We all have a deep connection to the communities that are burning, especially as so much of our produce comes from Gippsland – as well as our suppliers, they are our long-held friends. The consequences are overwhelming and their scale is only just being realised,” says Gerner.


“We will be calling on businesses to get involved in fundraising efforts throughout February. Whether it be the local deli, fish and chip shop, cafe, pub or restaurant, everyone is encouraged to do their bit. A huge thanks to our friends at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and Restaurant & Catering Industry Association for their support also.”


#FebFireFund is a centralised online hub on which the public can see how and where they can support the Gippsland community by visiting Melbourne’s top food and wine venues, as well as providing transparency on how the funds raised are spent. For industry keen to participate, the GoFundMe page also provides guidance and recommendations on how to get involved.


#FebFireFund will direct 100% of funds back to BlazeAid, a volunteer-based organisation that works with communities in rural Australia after natural disasters, where volunteers help to rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed.


Any restaurants looking to participate can email for a contribution form or visit #FebFireFund GoFundMe page for more information on how to get involved.






Instagram: @febfirefund