Unico to raise funds for COVID19EAD today – through their 100th episode of digital happy hour

Today (Wednesday, 12th August), Unico will be celebrating the 100th episode of their daily digital happy hour by raising funds for COVID19EAD (COVID-19 Employee Assistance Directive) in Melbourne. Every minute that viewers tune in will contribute to fundraising efforts. 


Created during the first phase of Australian COVID-19 lockdowns that forced restrictions on hospitality trade across Australia, “Wine for the People” by Unico Zelo and “Lift Your Spirits” by Applewood Distillery were created to provide laughter for those self-isolating at home, and some light-hearted conversation with those in the hospitality industry to continue sharing their stories via Unico’s platform.


With Victoria feeling the impacts of COVID-19 now more than ever, Unico wants to use their 100th episode for a purpose, raising funds for COVID19EAD in the following ways:  


Roast The Host: Brendan Carter (founder of Unico) will be putting himself in the hot seat, inviting 15 previous guests of the show (all friends of the brand) to roast him for 5 minutes each, with some celebrities chiming in for the occasion also. 


Blind Tasting For Charity: During the roast, each guest will bring a wine for Brendan to do a blind taste test, attempting to trip him up while he plays the ‘Options’ game to correctly identify each wine based on smell and taste alone. For every question he gets wrong, Unico will donate $20 to COVID19EAD helping to feed out-of-work hospitality staff around Victoria (up to $2,500).


Raising Funds For COVID19EAD: For every minute that is watched by anyone who tunes in during the 2-hour live show, Unico will personally donate 10c to COVID19EAD up to $10,000. 


Unico will be live today (Wednesday 12th August) from 5:30pm AEST for 2 hours via the Unico Zelo, Applewood Distillery & Økar Island Bitter Facebook pages along with Youtube Live and Twitch.