Try all the best Australian wines in one place

Langton's will be releasing their 7th edition of their closely watched classification of Australian wine on 1st September. It's only published every 4-5 years.

Started in 1990 by Andrew Caillard MW to codify & support the fine wines of Australia, and is based on performance of wines in the secondary market. For a collector of fine wine it's an essential guide to what to buy and what will perform well in terms of value appreciation.

The very best performing wines are put into 3 categories:

Exceptional — The most highly sought after and prized first-growth type Australian wine on the market. (Historically the likes of Grange, Hill of Grace, Seppeltsfield 100 Year Old Port, etc.)

Outstanding — Benchmark quality wines with a very strong market following. (Previous features include Rockford Basket Press Shiraz, Grant Burge Meshach, Mt Mary Pinot Noir, etc.)

Excellent — High performing wines of exquisite quality with a solid volume of demand. (Think Turkey Flat, Torbreck, Yarra Yering etc.)

To mark the occasion of their release they are offering the unique opportunity for the public to not only try the finest auction wines in Australia, also to meet the people behind those wines. It's a very rare opportunity to try some of the most iconic, awarded and recognised wines in Australia.

Tickets to taste all 3 tiers of wine classifications is $330 or $150 to taste wines from the Outstanding & Excellent tiers.

To buy tickets go to: https://www.langtons.com.au/events

Like G&M, Langton's are national and they'll be kicking off the 1st event in Sydney on 1st September. Followed by:

Melbourne 5th September

Canberra 7th September

Adelaide 12th September

Perth 16th September

Brisbane 19th September

Hobart 17th October.

For lovers of wine it's a unique and special occasion to get acquainted with some of the very best wines in Australia.

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