Tricky Times Call for Techy Tools

SaucedIt gifts recruitment platform to hospitality industry

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. But SaucedIt wants to help.  


SaucedIt is a new, innovative and technologically advanced recruitment platform. What makes it different? From recruiting, hiring and wage checks (so you don’t end up in court or bankrupt) to managing payroll and timesheets, SaucedIt does everything an employer needs, all in one place.


We’re living in uncertain times, and employers are battling to keep their businesses afloat. SaucedIt will take away the stress of hiring and managing employees so that those employers can focus on keeping their businesses moving forward. It also keeps track of all the legal requirements as well, giving employers the confidence that their business is compliant and helpful. SaucedIt moves employers from overwhelm to confidence.


And the best part … for the next six months, SaucedIt is free to the hospitality industry.


SaucedIt was co-founded by John Walton, Gary Taylor and Timothy Horne in 2017 as a dynamic, innovative response to a recruitment industry that was out of touch with the technology-driven times. As a result, people, particularly young people, were struggling to connect with employers and get jobs.


The co-founders took on intensive forensic analyses and exhaustive industry discussions to create SaucedIt.


SaucedIt is a simplified, potent approach to recruitment that utilises technology-based processes, including video resumes, to connect job seekers and employers and hasten the recruiting process.


Supported by key industry players, including co-founders Gary Taylor from Real Time Australia in the recruitment space, and Timothy Horne from Aqua Law in the legal space, SaucedIt moved from trials to a live platform in 2019.


SaucedIt has been built to streamline recruitment, hiring and job retention processes and legal requirements in the hospitality industry. This includes:


·      Creating and posting job listings

·      Shortlisting candidates

·      Assisting in on-boarding new employees

·      Providing pre-populated contracts and HR documents

·      Managing staff profiles

·      Helping employers stay compliant with hospitality regulations

·      Checking work rights

·      Providing legal advice and legal contracts

·      Storing important work-related documentation

·      Storing hospitality certifications

·      Uploading safety and training videos

·      Communicating directly with employees

·      Connecting with your Xero account

·      Integrating with your Deputy rostering system


With an online platform that provides an all-in-one dashboard, SaucedIt integrates all compliance, HR, legal, onboarding and payroll systems into one easy-to-use space.


The hospitality industry is under extreme duress from the COVID-19 epidemic. SaucedIt wants to help. They are offering their platform for FREE to the hospitality industry for six months.


SaucedIt is looking to become the go-to platform for digitising managing, onboarding, inducting and communicating with staff for small and medium businesses (SME).


They see a future where SME owners are no longer distracted by running the business, but can focus solely on their area of expertise, pursuing and honing their own craft.


With SaucedIt, business owners can find the space to work ON their business not IN their business.


SaucedIt is now LIVE and available to help make hospitality recruitment simple, easy and free for six months.


Photo by Sam Albury on Unsplash