The who, why and how of Gault&Millau Australia

Gault&Millau Australia is the friend of the restaurants. We appreciate both how hard, and the long hours, both the back and front of house professionals within the industry work, to provide a special experience for the diner.

By Dane Richards

It is, therefore, very important that a restaurant is appraised on its merit, and is done so in both an objective and constructive manner. Whilst we maintain a very close association with the local Industry in promoting it to both Australians, and the world abroad when the door opens the slate is cleaned and every point is up for grabs.

The strength of G&M Australia is that it is the only international guide in this country, and that means when we score a restaurant; it is instantly benchmarked globally, using exactly the same system. When a young professional travels abroad, their G&M score is a passport to a world of culinary and serving opportunity. Reviewers from all over the world, pressure test the system in other countries when the opportunity arises, and share trends and other observations within the G&M global community.

When we visit a restaurant, it is done in an anonymous manner and the bill is paid in full. Every detail from the meet and greet, ambience, service, food, and value is evaluated as part of the detailed process that determines the outcome. Our reviewers are both vetted and trained before they start visiting restaurants, and partake in ongoing training and evaluations to ensure they are best placed to correctly assess the plate in front of them. If the score significantly varies from the previous year, a re-review is triggered to see if the experience was a once off, or the sign of a trend developing – whether that be an improvement or a decline in our expectation of that restaurant.

In one review season, we visited a restaurant numerous times to make entirely sure we had captured the score shift correctly, as we consider it a privilege to dine in a restaurant, and not a right. This is someone’s business, their livelihood, and that deserves our total respect. All scores from our reviewers are assessed by our chief judge, and again by our board prior to final publication. We value our integrity, and our goal is to be considered the authoritative voice on dining in this country, so we must continually earn that trust from both the industry and the dining community.

G&M Australia wants every restaurant to be the very best it can be, as not only the restaurant wins, but also the diner, and the wider Industry. If a restaurant is struggling in maintaining its standards, we would prefer to work constructively with them, rather than watch them become another closure. In the future, we will be offering an academy, where the skillset required to be a high performing member of a hospitality team will be obtainable via a variety of accessible options. We want to be part of the solution in addressing the issues that face the industry on a daily basis, and we look forward to taking that journey with you.