The new nouvelle cuisine

In 1973, Gault&Millau published “the ten commandments of nouvelle cuisine". And today, 45 years after the original 10 commandments, we submit a slightly revised version of the 10 commandments to reflect our cuisine.

By Jeremy Ryland 


Gault&Millau (pronounced “go-me-yo”) are the l’expert gourmand – the experts in eating and drinking. Our passion is restaurants – and helping them to succeed.


Founded in 1965 by two French gourmets – Henri Gault and Christian Millau – Gault&Millau is a respected restaurant review organisation that benchmarks over 14 000 restaurants in 22 countries around the world.


Henri Gault and Christian Millau were also instrumental in introducing nouvelle cuisine to French restaurants in 1979, creating a gastronomic revolution.


Compared to the incumbent cuisine classique found in most French haut cuisine and taught in most culinary schools, nouvelle cuisine was a fresh approach to cooking and food presentation. It was lighter, more delicate with an increased emphasis on presentation that is now found in modern cuisine, especially Australian Cuisine. The phrase nouvelle cuisine was devised by Henri Gault and the style was popularised by Henri and his colleagues Andre Gayot and Christian Millau in the new restaurant guide, Gault-Millau or Le Nouveau Guide.


In 1973, Gault&Millau published “the ten commandments of nouvelle cuisine,” giving the movement a set of precepts that helped nouvelle cuisine reach a wider audience.


The 10 commandments were:


1.    Thou shalt not overcook.

2.    Thou shalt use fresh, quality products. 

3.    Thou shalt lighten thy menu.

4.    Thou shalt not be systematically modernist.

5.    Thou shalt nevertheless seek out what the new techniques can bring you.

6.    Thou shalt avoid pickles, cured game meats, fermented foods, etc.

7.    Thou shalt eliminate rich sauces.

8.    Thou shalt not ignore dietetics.

9.    Thou shalt not doctor up thy presentations.

10. Thou shalt be inventive.


Today, Gault&Millau continue to benchmark restaurants, support the industry and lead change in culinary styles. And today (July 2018) — 45 years after the original 10 commandments – we submit a slightly revised version of the 10 commandments to reflect the fresh, light, vibrant and innovative cuisine of Australia, that reflects our coastal lifestyle and pays homage to our indigenous and multicultural immigrant cultures.


1.    Do not overcook or over process food.

2.    Use a variety of fresh, top-quality products including dairy, meats, seafood, fruit and vegetables – local if possible.

3.    Lighten dishes on your menu – do not over sauce.

4.    Embrace both traditional cultures and modern styles – be vibrant.

5.    Avoid pre-prepared and overly processed foods.

6.    Eliminate rich sauces, heavy marinades and artificial flavours.

7.    Pay attention to nutrition, allergies, your gut and probiotics – stay healthy.

8.    Do not over-decorate food – keep presentation simple but exciting.

9.    Be inventive, innovative and open to new techniques.

10. Always pay attention to the natural flavour and balance of the products.