The good oil on EVOO

You’ll find olive oil in most kitchens these days, but as you splash a generous lashing of the golden liquid into your latest culinary creation, have you ever given a second thought to this indispensable product?


Mediterranean folk know a thing or two about olives and olive oil – olive trees have been cultivated in the region for more than 7,000 years, and both the plump fruit and its luscious oil are mainstays of the local cuisine. In fact, olives and olive oil have played an important role throughout history, providing food, cooking oil, lighting, soaps and skin care. The tree itself bears special significance – we offer someone an olive branch as a symbol of reconciliation and peace, while winners at the ancient Olympic Games were crowned with an olive wreath and Roman consuls and senators wore similar wreaths as a sign of authority and glory. Even today, the olive wreath is part of the emblem of the United Nations.


But did you know that Australia is now a major producer of quality olive oil and is taking on the long-established Mediterranean producers with some cracking products? Olive trees grow well in parts of Australia and Grassy Spur Olives is an award-winning producer of high-quality olive oils, located in South Gippsland where the growing conditions are so well suited to this prized fruit. Established in 2005 by owners Helen and Peter Wright, Grassy Spur’s grove now has over 1,500 trees. No pesticides are used and the grove has its own beehives to promote natural pollination. Grassy Spur Olives grows several varieties of olive, each with different characteristics. The main varieties are: Coratina, from Puglia in Italy, producing a fruity, peppery oil; Frantoio, a Tuscan variety that produces a distinctive, sought-after flavour; Picholine, a French variety, best known for producing cocktail olives as well as reliable fruity oils; and Picual, a premium Spanish variety that consistently wins awards.


The care and passion taken to produce quality fruit is evident, and Grassy Spur Olives has won numerous international and national awards for its single variety oils. The same care and passion is invested in every process, from harvesting to bottling – everything is done on-site, with the olives processed within hours of harvesting (you can’t get fresher than that!) to produce Grassy Spur’s high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO).


To purchase Grassy Spur Olives products online or for information on stockists, go to:


Grassy Spur Olives

32 Moyes Road

Stony Creek   VIC   3957


Call 0413 158 442 or 0401 014 999 to make a booking to visit their tasting room and farm shop


Published by G&M in collaboration with Grassy Spur Olives