Thankful4Farmers launches to acknowledge and celebrate the valuable contribution of agriculture and farming to the economy, culture and lifestyle in Australia.

Thankful has launched a new initiative, Thankful4Farmers, which aims to bridge the gap between consumers, brands and agricultural communities in a unified movement to demonstrate support for Australian farming and rural communities and to raise funds to create sustainable transformational impact for the agricultural and food security industries.


Thankful4Farmers is founded by CEO of Thankful, Kim McDonnell and supported by ambassador Matt Moran, chef, restaurateur, a pioneer in Australia of the ‘paddock to plate’ philosophy and a fourth-generation farmer himself. Thankful4Farmers is calling for all Australians to support this initiative, which only becomes more powerful as the community around it grows.


There are over 300,000 Australians currently working across our agricultural industries, and Thankful4Farmers has identified that more diverse and tailored resources are needed to address systemic challenges in the industry to create sustainable impact.


The agricultural industry is facing unprecedented challenges: climatic conditions, reduced investment, fluctuating commodity prices and raising tariffs and evolving consumer expectations. All of which is causing many to lose farms that have been in their families for generations. As a result, the global farming community is also facing a mental health crisis.


“The objective of Thankful4Farmers is to generate resources to directly assist farmers across three categories: delivery of enhanced agricultural technology; improved individual health and wellbeing; and enhanced rural community vitality,” says CEO Kim McDonnell. “With Matt Moran as our ambassador, we have the advantage of working directly with someone who understands not only how integral to our restaurants Australian farmers are, but also the challenges the food industry faces.”


Thankful4Farmers has appointed an Australian advisory board of specialists across the industry, including Matt Moran, Phoebe Norman (Lead Event Programming, Global Table, Food + Wine Victoria), Meredith Staib (CEO, Royal Flying Doctors Queensland), Craig Heraghty (National Agribusiness Leader, PwC Australia), Elise Gillespie (Joint CEO, Bakers Delight), Pip Sheldon (Director of Brand and Business Strategy, Matt Moran), Andrew Blinco (Operations Manager, OBE Organic) and Michael Guerin (CEO, AgForce QLD). This board also includes farmer Charlie Arnott, who is an award-winning grazier from Boorowa, New South Wales, an educator and passionate advocate for Regenerative Farming practices.


Charlie Arnott, Kim McDonnell and Matt Moran 

(Image credit: Kristoffer Paulsen)

This advisory board will evaluate individual, geographical and community needs and determine the best and most effective use of funds raised. Systemic challenges will be identified and funding will be used to address these challenges, tailored to be results-driven. Thankful4Farmers will partner strategically with other entities to ensure measurable impact and to minimise the infrastructure necessary to deliver the funds to have the greatest impact for our farming and regional communities.


Resources will be raised through Australian consumers purchasing cause-related retail products from a growing list of brand partners that include Vittoria, Victor Churchill, Peter Bouchier, Signature Wines and OBE Organic. From 1 November, consumers can look out for the Thankful4Farmers logo on products and know they are supporting a worthy cause.


More than just a logo, Thankful4Farmers are working with premium sponsor PwC to bridge the gap from farm to plate to introduce consumers to the men and women who produce the food that we consume daily. The Thankful4Farmers logo will have unique invisible tags and through an app available to consumers they will be able to trace the journey of their food from farm to plate.


Restaurants will play a key role in driving support by donating a portion of income from a specified seasonal dish to Thankful4Farmers. Consumers can stay up to date with the full list of restaurants supporting Thankful4Farmers at


Thankful4Farmers will encourage global conversations and collate learnings around agriculture to positively impact sustainable agriculture and our future food security. The inaugural Thankful4Farmers Global Think Tank was held in New York earlier this month and proved that regardless of geography, farmers around the world share the same challenges. The think tank, in collaboration with Kathryn Boor, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, members of the Australian advisory board and thought leaders in sustainable food and agriculture, has inspired change at a global level.


“I’m really proud and excited to be part of the Thankful for Farmers initiative. As a fourth-generation farmer I know first-hand the work that goes into producing our food and we’re so lucky in this country to have access to such incredible ingredients. We chefs and restaurateurs wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our Aussie farmers and as consumers, we rely on them at every meal,” says ambassador Matt Moran.


Thankful4Farmers is calling for unified support from Australian brands, influencers, organisations and businesses and asking all Australians to purchase products that are co-branded with the Thankful4Farmers logo. Every product purchased will demonstrate to our farming and rural communities how much they are valued, and allow Thankful4Farmers to continue to support Australian farming and agricultural industries, amplifying global resources into actionable change.


Thankful4Farmers is made possible by dedicated partners who are committed to demonstrating their support to Australian farming and rural communities. Premium partners include: PwC and Matt Moran. Supporting partners include: Apani Premium Mineral Water, MPowered, Victor Churchill, OBE Organic, Vittoria Coffee and Peter Bouchier.