ST. ALi debuts at Melbourne Airport

The Melbourne coffee company and cafe will take pre-flight coffee and eats to new heights when it launches its latest store on April 18 in the international departures lounge.

The menu will be uniquely Melbourne, scrapping the standard sandwich and average cup-a-joe often anticipated at airport terminals in favour of dishes such as cheeseburger salads, and golden syrup and cinnamon, sugar-soaked French toast.

According to ST. ALi’s Culinary Director of Food, Daniel ‘Dobbers’ Dobra, “This menu is a snapshot of Melbourne’s epic coffee culture. And I put all of myself into the food I create. It’s a reflection of Melbourne but also a reflection of me. I’d like to think if this menu was a person, they would be a funny, light-hearted, and jovial character.” 

The ST. ALi signature coffee blends that have filled Melburnian cups for over a decade will be available in-store, in both silky latte form and take-away retail bags. The cafe will also stock St ALi’s instant coffee blends in new 7-day and 30-day calendar-style travel packs, featuring the Wide Awake blend on weekdays, and more fruity flavours for relaxation and enjoyment on the weekends. All ST. ALi apparel and merchandise will also be available for purchase in-store.

In addition to the large team of creatives behind the food and coffee, JCB architects and designers have worked on the spatial construction of the uniquely Melbourne-style space. Featuring a more refined version of the rawness of the original warehouse cafe, ST. ALi International Terminal features aged brass, fine detailing, and elaborate Pilbara-style marble.

ST. ALi 

Location: Melbourne Airport, international terminal

Opening hours: daily from 5 am to 1 am