Recipe: Voyager Estate’s Venison/Beetroot/Oyster/Davidson Plum/Marrow

by Santiago Fernandez, Head Chef

Well-travelled Head Chef Santiago Fernandez has made an impressive debut at Voyager Estate, alongside G&M 2018 Young Talent award winner Felix Kleemann, showcasing the spectacular local produce in an innovative and sophisticated way. The gorgeously appointed estate with magnificent world-class gardens, which also supply the kitchen, creates an undeniable sense of place that promises to impress visitors. 

Venison and oyster tartare

Sous-vide beetroot 

Davidson plum gel 

Beetroot and Davidson plum powder 

Bull’s blood or red-veined sorrel to garnish

Special Equipment

Cryovac machine

Combi oven

Mandoline or charcuterie slicer


Smoking gun

Plating ring

Tea strainer

Plating tweezers

Cured venison silverside

500g venison silverside

500g cooking salt

400g caster sugar

10 juniper berries

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp coriander seeds

1 tsp black pepper

1 tsp cardamom seeds

1 cinnamon quill

1 star anise



1. Remove any sinew from venison meat. Pat dry.

2. Combine salt and sugar together.

3. Place all spices in a takeaway container; cover with a lid. Microwave for 40–60 seconds to heat spices and release essential oils.

4. Place the meat in a large Cryovac bag and cover completely with the salt cure mix (must be completely coated).

5. Cryovac 100% and marinate for 90 mins.

6. Remove the venison meat from the bag. Rinse to remove any excess curing salt. Pat dry.

7. Sear the meat with a bit of oil in a very hot pan or flat grill.

8. Refrigerate.


Sous-vide beetroot

2 large red beetroot, about 8–10cm wide

300ml water

1g French oak tannin

60g red wine vinegar

5g salt

3 thyme sprigs

1 bay leaf

6 black peppercorns



1. Remove leaves and any excess dirt from the beetroots. Rinse with water.

2. Trim top and bottom.

3. Whisk together water, tannin, vinegar and salt.

4. Place beetroots in a sous-vide bag; add cooking liquor from step 3. Add thyme, bay leaf and peppercorns.

5. Set the combi oven to steam 100%, humidity 90ºC (could also be cooked in water bath).

6. Seal 99% vacuum. Cook for about 60-75 mins, depending on thickness.

7. Chill in iced water.


Davidson plum gel

100g Davidson plums

150g water

50g sugar

4g agar



1. Remove seeds from plums and place in a saucepan with water and sugar. Simmer for 10 mins.

2. Blend in Thermomix® at high speed for 2 mins.

3. Place the puree back in a saucepan with the agar and bring to a boil for 1–2 mins.

4. Refrigerate in blast chiller for about 15 minutes or refrigerate for 2 hours. Blend once completely cold.

5. Fill a non-reusable piping bag with the puree. Keep refrigerated until needed.


Smoked marrow

4 bone marrow bones about 5cm each, cut lengthwise

500ml water

50ml white wine vinegar

5g smoked salt


1. Remove the marrow from bones with care. Rinse under water

2. Combine water and vinegar.

3. Soak the marrow in the water and vinegar for one hour. Pat dry.

4. Place the marrow in a Cryovac bag. Season with smoked salt and seal 100% vacuum.

5. Cook at 68ºC for 1 hour in water bath. Cool down quickly in iced water.


Oyster cream

70g Kewpie mayonnaise

1 large or 2 small dehydrated oysters, microplaned

5ml oyster water

Small pinch of lemon myrtle

3g chopped chives and

2g chopped chervil



Place all ingredients in a bowl and whisk until combined. Refrigerate.


Dehydrated oysters


Place in dehydrator for 8–12 hours (depending on size) at 60ºC .


Steamed oysters

1 oyster per serve



Steam the whole oyster for 4 mins. Shuck the oyster, reserving the water for the oyster cream. Chill oysters in iced water. Pat dry.


To slice the beetroot

Remove the beetroot skin, carefully scraping it down with a sharp knife, keeping the original smooth beetroot shape. Slice the beetroot in perfect circles to 2mm thickness. (If the shape isn’t regular, use a cookie cutter to make it even.)


To finish the tartare

Very finely dice 80g venison meat, 10g bone marrow and 1 steamed oyster. Combine together in a large bowl, add one spoon of the mayonnaise until mix binds together.

Turn on the smoking gun with apple wood chips.

Smoke the tartare for 5 mins. Stir, and smoke one more time. Keep refrigerated.

Always use a very clean chopping board and knife. AVOID CROSS CONTAMINATION. Discard the tartare mix after every service.


Beetroot and Davidson plum powder

Combine freeze-dried beetroot and Davidson plum powder in a ratio of 4 parts beetroot : 1 part plum.


Final plating

1. Place about 10g of oyster cream in centre of plate.

2. Place 40g of venison tartare on top of oyster cream.

3. Cover tartare with 3 slices of beetroot.

4. With tweezers, fold 2 more slices to form a rose.

5. Place 5 well-spaced dots of Davidson plum gel around rose.

6. Sprinkle powder, covering whole rose and inner circle of plate.

7. Place 3 leaves of bull’s blood or red-veined sorrel to garnish.