Recipe: Margan’s milk parfait, macadamia and thyme

Margan’s Head Chef Thomas Boyd shares his prize-winning parfait recipe with us.

At this year's HCA Food Fight, Margan’s Head Chef Thomas Boyd competed against three fellow alumni of The Ledbury, and his perfect parfait was declared the winner. Luckily for us, he is happy to share his recipe, so now you can make it at home, and indulge in this luscious treat and reap the accolades that come with it!



260g macadamia meal

250g icing sugar

100g caster sugar

180g egg whites



1.     Sift all dry ingredients together ensuring there are no lumps.

2.     Whisk the egg whites to a soft peak.

3.     Using a spatula, slowly combine the dry mixture to the egg whites working until it is a stiff paste.

4.     Spread mixture 3mm thick onto a sheet of baking paper. This will need to be the same shape as the tray

        you will eventually set the parfait in.

5.     Bake for 20 mins at 160˚C until light golden.



9 egg whites

9 egg yolks

200g honey

150g caster sugar

150g crème pâtissière

375g thickened cream


1.     Line a large gastro tray with baking paper and place your baked dacquoise on the base.

2.     Whisk cream to a soft peak and set aside in fridge.

3.     Set up two mixers. In mixer 1, with the whisk attachment, add yolks and set to a medium speed.

4.     Over a medium heat bring the honey to 118˚C and immediately pour over yolks on high speed.

5.     In mixer 2, with the whisk attachment, combine the egg whites and sugar. Whisk until soft peaks form.

6.     Combine the crème pâtissière with the whipped cream using a hand-held whisk.

7.     Fold the honey sabayon, meringue and vanilla cream together in a separate bowl a third at a time.

8.     Pour the parfait mixture over the dacquoise base.

9.     Place in freezer overnight, ensuring the tray is level.


To serve:

Whole raw macadamia shaved over mandoline for garnish

Picked thyme for garnish


Portion into desired squares, using a hot knife to get precise edges. Swirl raw honey and pick fresh flowering thyme to garnish the plate before placing parfait in the centre with shaved macadamia on the top.