Recipe: Joel Bickford's curly red – sweet onion – macadamia – Cape gooseberries

ARIA’s Head Chef Joel Bickford shares a delicious recipe with us.

Serves 4



4 Cape gooseberries (sliced into three per serving)

1 slice brioche (toasted)

10gm frisée lettuce

10gm red elk

4 macadamia nuts (finely shaved)

Curly Red

100gm Pecora Dairy curly red cheese

25ml pouring cream


In a robot coupe blend cheese, adding cream until you have a smooth consistency.


Sweet onion

4 pickling onions


Slice onions lengthways and place in dry hot pan. Allow to caramelise. Once dark on the surface, separate the layers keeping the tender sweet centres.


Sweet onion puree

1 large brown onion

30ml sherry vinegar

50gm caster sugar

30ml Madeira wine

2 sprigs thyme


Slice onions very fine. Sauté in a hot pan; once they are dark brown and soft, add sugar and thyme; caramelise; deglaze with wine and vinegar. Allow to reduce to a sticky jam consistency. Allow to cool, then puree.


To assemble:

Assemble and plate ingredients as shown in the photo.