Recipe: chargrilled abalone skewer

By Analiese Gregory - Head Chef of Franklin, Hobart.

Analiese Gregory, one of Australia's most talented young chefs, is the Head Chef of Hobart's acclaimed Franklin restaurant. While living on the island, Analiese has developed a passion for Tasmania's produce. She shares an exclusive recipe of one of Tasmania's biggest exports: abalone. 

Servings: 10 



• 1 x 300 g live blacklip abalone
• 10 fermented shiitake mushrooms
• 10 skewers
• 85g butter
• 50 g abalone liver
• 5 ml white soy
• 20 g shio kombu or wakame/kombu condiment (Japanese seaweed)
• 250 ml dashi (stock used in Japanese cuisine)
• 20 slices guanciale or lardo (Italian cured pork meats)

• Place abalone in a tray with 300 ml dashi and a lid and steam for two hours. Once steamed and cooled, clean abalone and reserve liver for making the sauce. 
• Slice abalone across into 30 thin slices,  using a very sharp knife. 
• Cut shiitake mushrooms in half (Analise ferments hers in a two per cent salt brine for 10 days)
• Make up skewers with one slice of abalone, one slice of lardo, one piece of mushroom and repeat again, finishing on abalone and lardo. Reserve the skewers for grilling.
• To make the sauce, strain the stock from the cooking of the abalone, blend together with the liver, white soy and seaweed, then emulsify the mix in butter, while blending and still hot. Pass through a chinois. 
To serve, grill the abalone skewers over charcoal and place them back in the shell to serve. Pour the sauce over them.