Pop culture : Dine with Dari : Wine 1160

Dari takes us on another wining and dining adventure. This time she uncovers a hidden gem in Armadale … but it won’t remain a closely guarded secret for long!


A leisurely stroll along the upmarket end of Armadale’s High Street can be bustling, boisterous and somewhat overwhelming. With bridal wear, antique galleries and overflowing cafés, you wouldn’t believe there is a tiny place of solace … a place so peaceful that the moment you enter, the toots and horns, hustle and bustle on the street and, more importantly, in your head, suddenly vanish. Wine 1160, is that place.


Easily missable from the outside, this cosy, quaint wine bar is every bit of warmth you could think of. Converted from an old watch shop, the interior is rustic and homey – brick walls, wooden floors, and music straight out of smooth FM that makes you instantly relax – exactly as intended. There’s no age, status or demographic, young or old, it’s a place for chatter, laughter and takes away the serious. 


Except for the serious stuff … the wine. Carefully, consciously considered, the range of spectacular wines is an epic adventure. Varieties you’ve never heard of is only the start. Every bottle is unique, complex and has a mystical story from far away. Not shy to give you the lowdown, the proud and gracious host explains each drop with animation and excitement and upmost respect to the grower so you needn’t move from your seat – simply sip your glass as your mind is dazzled with worldly tales. 


Fried cauliflower, spiced yoghurt, spring onion

Just as serious is the food. Designed to complement the wines, the menu is crafted to utilise our country’s finest local produce, and made from scratch. The kitchen may be minuscule, but there’s no cutting corners here. Nibble on fluffy house-baked bread and a bowl of fried cauliflower with a subtle kick of green chilli and spiced yoghurt. Colourfully playful, an elegant plate of tuna carpaccio has gorgeous citrus notes from blood orange and fresh fennel. Plush puffy pillows of white buffalo mozzarella sit alongside a salty olive crumb and an array of juicy tomatoes bursting with red joy. An earthy fillet of free-range duck breast boasts richness and vitality with sautéed rainbow chard, proudly made celeriac remoulade and bites of purple pickled beetroot. The entire event sparkles, and you’ll be yearning to return. 


Bottom line: Wine 1160 is a serious place – especially when you don’t want to be serious.


Wine 1160

1160 High Street, Armadale VIC 3143

(03) 9191 7884