Message from G&M Australia

G&M Australia would like to announce that given the recently announced COVID-19 regulations, and the immense impact on both the hospitality industry and its incredibly dedicated people, we will not be producing our restaurant guide this year. We feel it would be far more productive to focus our efforts on both supporting the industry through the most difficult challenge it has ever had to face, and eventually assisting in rebuilding the industry when the crisis has passed.

Currently, many of the industry’s hard-working and dedicated people tragically find themselves without work through no fault of their own, and have entered into a period of great uncertainty, along with unquantifiable financial and emotional stress. We see our role as keeping those people connected and engaged with the rapidly changing initiatives and developments, by providing a positive and encouraging space for those affected by these unprecedented events.

G&M will be interviewing a wide diversity of people within the hospitality family, and would also like restaurants operating in a takeaway capacity to tell us about your exciting concepts and menus, along with high-resolution images (preferably landscape orientation for website publication). We would like to share those with our audience, and shout out the innovation and resilience of the industry that we all love and are so passionate about!


So let's get started by forwarding your ideas to