Meet the Chef: On Saengyojanr, Chef de Cuisine, GING THAI

GING THAI's Head Chef On Saengyojanr has over 30 years’ experience, garnered in kitchens across Asia and Melbourne

Saengyojanr spent her childhood growing up in family-run restaurants in Thailand. She has come a long way since then – to her current role as Head Chef at Crown Melbourne’s riverside restaurant GING THAI.


At the age of just 12 she started her informal apprenticeship – working in her aunt’s restaurant in Bangkok preparing herbs and learning about the complexities and subtleties inherent in traditional Thai cuisine from her mother and grandmother.


Discovered working at the Thai Embassy in Bangladesh in 1997, Saengyojanr was headhunted by Crown to lead a team servicing VIP guests in Melbourne – where she has stayed for the last 20 years.


Since 1997, Saengyojanr has been instrumental in bringing the best Thai food to Crown across its restaurants, events and conferencing and VIP business, including her time leading the kitchen at Crown Melbourne’s Long Chim restaurant for the last two years.


Saengyojanr’s approach to cooking is fresh and light. Heavily influenced by the strong lineage of female chefs in her family, Saengyojanr has taken the traditional Thai taught to her as a child, and put a modern twist on it, incorporating the flavours and styles of other South-East Asian cuisines along the way with a mix of modern and traditional cooking techniques to create a fresh take on classic dishes.


At its heart, GING THAI is about authentic, real Thai food with a modern twist. Red duck curry, som tum papaya salad and larb sit alongside salmon salad and pomegranate salad.


With a unique take blending Thai, Malay and South-East Asian flavours using fresh herbs and spices and the freshest produce from Australia, GING THAI offers classic Thai with a modern, fresh twist.



Crown Melbourne, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006

(03) 9292 5777