Meet the Chef: Léonard Michaud, Head Chef, bibo Wine Bar

Paris-born chef Léonard Michaud trained in his home city and has worked in leading restaurants in Paris and London. Now Head Chef at bibo Wine Bar, Léonard shares his thoughts with us.

How would you best describe the experience at bibo to a potential diner?

bibo Wine Bar is a great opportunity for diners looking for refined food in a casual atmosphere. You can share a full tasting menu with matching wine with your loved one for hours or simply enjoy a glass of beautiful wine with some Portuguese-style snacks. We promote what I like to call “casual fine dining”.


Being of French heritage, what do you love most about French cuisine?

The culture and history of French gastronomy still fascinates me after 15 years. I actually do talk about food for 12 hours straight at work and then go home and read cook books and write recipes, trying to inspire myself with classic French cuisine embracing the modern trends.


These days you find similarities between all fine dining cuisines in the world, but in my opinion, the French pioneers of gastronomy set those rules centuries ago. And today we are still using these foundations of French culinary art in cooking and sharing the French passion in kitchens around the globe.


You are part of a very small team. How do you still meet the high standards and demands of a full service?

Thanks for the compliment. It’s not an easy task every day, considering the size of the kitchen and the limited manpower I have on hand. For me, the secret of a successful kitchen lies in three words: organisation, dedication and passion. If you follow these guidelines every day, I believe you can meet a high standard of gastronomy in any kind of kitchen. And you must believe in yourself and your team.


What produce or ingredients are you particularly enjoying working with at the moment?

We have just arrived into Spring – it’s one of the best seasons for chefs because you have so many vegetables coming out of the ground.  The consistency in the quality of the produce is simply amazing at this time of the year.


This week we were given the first white asparagus and it’s indeed one my favourite things to eat in the world.  We serve it at bibo with eschalot and chicken jus and the patrons are already raving about it. 


In your opinion, what does G&M bring to Australia?

Gault&Millau is a reference for quality all around the world, and the fact that many Australian venues continue to apply this reference has led to our country being one of the best dining scenes in the southern hemisphere.


The diversity of produce benefitting from the different climates experienced here, plus the mix of new cuisines introduced by chefs coming to Australia from all around the world, has resulted in the Australian dining scene being regularly placed in the spotlight. I believe that Gault&Millau promoting Australian gastronomy has made this possible.