Meet the Chef: Dan Chan, Head Chef, Eazy Peazy

An expert of yakitori and Japanese cuisine, Hong Kong-born Dan Chan joins Yuta and Shar Kobayashi (Tōji Sake) as Head Chef at their modern Japanese eatery, Eazy Peazy.

Inspired by childhood memories of cooking at home with his grandmother, Dan Chan’s love for food led him 

to study commercial cookery and pastry at the Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre in Hong Kong.


His first job outside of his studies was at Hong Kong’s acclaimed restaurant Yardbird, which sparked a lifelong passion for Japanese cuisine. Under the guidance of renowned chef Matt Abergel, Chan was coached on the fine art of yakitori, a quintessential Japanese chicken dish. Although seemingly simple, Chan quickly learnt that yakitori requires precision and technique, which he perfected over the two years at Yardbird with the help of his ‘sensei’ Abergel.


Moving to Australia in 2013, Chan landed a role at Andrew McConnell’s CUMULUS UP. Here, Chan made a lasting impression on the restaurateur and went on to work for McConnell across three different venues over the space of three years.


Eager to develop as a chef and broaden his skills in a wider range of cuisines, Chan relocated to Perth for a brief stint in 2015 to work at Hermosa Cantina, a Spanish restaurant that taught him some invaluable lessons in how to run a kitchen. Chan returned to Melbourne in 2018 after being offered an opportunity to rejoin McConnell and establish the St Kilda pop-up restaurant, Supernormal Canteen.


Chan’s ‘less is more’ approach to cooking results in dishes that are simple in appearance, bold in flavour and ripe with technique. Coming full circle, Chan is now ‘sensei’ to his team at Eazy Peazy, passing on the masterful culinary skills he has acquired cooking throughout his lifetime.