Koko Black has introduced a ‘Sweet Relief’ Chocolate Countdown Box for its hometown of Melbourne

Melbourne-born, handcrafted artisan chocolatier, Koko Black, is in it together with its fellow Victorians during lockdown, offering some ‘Sweet Relief’ in the form of a new chocolate countdown box.


Knowing just how tough the next six weeks will be to get through, Koko Black believes Melbournians deserve a daily special occasion and some added comfort during this time.


With 42 days of lockdown, Koko Black has launched a ‘Sweet Relief’ Chocolate Box to countdown the six-week lockdown period, with different flavoured pralines to be enjoyed each day. To consumers’ delight, they will be glad to find the box will actually contain 49 of Koko Black’s favourite Pralines, with a few added extras to get through the days when one needs a little extra help.


The ‘Sweet Relief’ Praline Box will feature Koko Black favourites including Salted Caramel, Almond Praline, Pistachio, Caramelised Spicy Pear and Macadamia & Wattleseed; and for those needing something a bit stronger, a Baileys and Single Malt Whisky Praline.


Available to purchase online, Australians across the country can put a smile on their Victorian neighbours’ faces by sending someone a ‘Sweet Relief’ to brighten their day in lockdown.


The limited edition Koko Black ‘Sweet Relief’ Praline Box costs $99 and is only available online via Koko Black.


Koko Black

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