Ishizuka launches summer menu

Ishizuka Head Chef Hitoshi Miyazawa’s upcoming seasonal menu presents a spectacular, joyful sensory experience encapsulating Japanese summer.

Miyazawa says, “As summer in Japan tends to be very humid, the menu incorporates cooling and refreshing elements throughout, from the cuisine to the tableware, some of which we’ve even crafted out of ice.”



Offering a spectrum of bright hues, the first course (Sakizuke) presents a delicate arrangement of baby corn, okra, taro and cherry tomato in a cold snow crab sauce.



A reflection of the summer larder and landscape, the Zensai course sets the kaiseki menu’s seasonal theme with:

  •   Cucumber, unagi, bonito vinegar, ginger
  •   Junsai, ginger
  • ‘  Watermelon’ of mentaiko (spicy fish roe), lime rind, black sesame seeds
  •   Baby abalone, egg yolk vinegar, asparagus
  •   Kombu-cured snapper sushi, Japanese shiso
  •   Duck breast, pickled taro stem
  • I  naniwa udon, umeboshi


Miyazawa uses the traditional surinagashi method – finely grinding seasonal vegetables and mixing them with hot fish broth – to produce a sweet, rich pea and bonito soup (Sakisui), accompanied by Hokkaido scallop shinjo, poached scampi and goji berry.



A stunning sculptural ice sphere will house three sashimi varieties (Otsukuri), using the highest quality produce available each day from the fishmonger.




Marinated for three days in saikyo miso, Yakimono offers grilled black cod and zucchini alongside a bright celery seed chutney and pickled red radish. Following on, richly marbled Kagoshima A5 Wagyu, foraged ice plant, wasabi and salt comprise Daimono, while Oshinogi offers toro sushi using tuna sourced from the Tokyo fish markets.



For Shokuji, bonito dashi is poured over rice topped with nori, the seaweed disintegrating as it warms and the rice becoming creamy. To complete the sumptuous final savoury course, ikura (salmon roe) and uni are stirred in by the diner.



The first of two desserts, Mizugashi is a soy milk panna cotta topped with red bean sauce, sweet barley, shaved watermelon and white strawberry. Fresh, sweet and herbaceous,



Kanmi offers honeydew melon soda and melon balls, coconut ice cream and jelly, mint and basil oil, topped with an elegant vanilla tuile.



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Images: Kristoffer Paulsen