Introducing the ‘nel. box’

Fresh local produce curated by one of Australia’s most creative chefs, delivered straight to your door

With the limited food on offer at supermarkets, the guidance from the government to isolate where possible and the shutdown of Australia’s restaurants, bars and cafes announced over the weekend, Chef Nelly Robinson and his wife Danielle have been thinking of proactive ways to help their customers, as well as the farmers and producers who supply the hospitality industry.


Whilst many venues are offering take-home menu items, Nelly and Danielle wanted to create something a little different that also worked in with their commitment to continually support Australia’s produce farmers, who are also suffering with the downturn in restaurant bookings.


The ‘nel. box’ is a weekly food delivery box that has been curated by Chef Nelly Robinson. With fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood direct from Australian farmers and producers, the various boxes come complete with easy ‘make at home’ tips and tricks that have been created by Chef Nelly himself.


For many people, staying home and avoiding supermarkets is simply impossible. Add in the factor that many supermarket shelves are empty or offer very little in the way of fresh produce, this is a fantastic way to not only continue to eat well during these difficult times, but also offer much needed support to Aussie farmers and restaurants who rely on your patronage.


Nelly and Danielle say, “We could see people were struggling to get food supplies. We were too when we went to the supermarket. Then we realised we had access to amazing food suppliers, who are doing it tough due to restaurants closing their main trade. We just want to help where we can and make sure people are fed, and not just with 2-minute noodles. People have time on their hands and cooking a delicious dinner is extremely rewarding. Not only because you achieved something, but because you are also putting goodness into your body. It mentally and physically will make people feel better”.


The boxes will be delivered each Tuesday and Thursday and, to avoid unnecessary contact, can be easily left in a designated safe space. Boxes start at $45 for a pantry essentials box, including items like rice, pasta, eggs and oils, as well as special nel.-made breads and stocks. For a complete solution, the full boxes contain enough produce to feed two people for up to a week. $80 gets you a veggie box including fresh, seasonal vegetables direct from NSW farmers; or $130 for a selection of vegetables, teamed with restaurant-quality meats or seafood like chicken, beef, pork, salmon, snapper and ling. Ingredients in the boxes will change weekly in accordance with available produce and seasonality.


Nelly says they will also, most importantly, be keeping their chefs employed as they will be cooking up some special nel. goodies like fresh pasta, stocks, pies, bread, brownies and more to include in the boxes, so watch this space as the offering continues to evolve.


It’s easy to place an order online at and Nelly is encouraging anyone with specific needs or requests to email those through and he will do his best to source ingredients or accommodate dietary requirements.


In these tricky times, supporting farmers, small business and our local community is more important than ever. Nelly and Danielle hope that this proactive approach will make eating delicious, wholesome and simple food one less thing for our amazing community to worry about.

Box types: Pantry Staples Box, Vegetarian Box, Meat + Veg Box, Seafood + Veg Box. 
Cost: Starting at $45 for pantry staples, $80 for vegetarian and  $130 for meat/seafood. 
Delivery: Weekly on Tuesday and Thursday.