Introducing Firebird by Hanoi Hannah

Commune Group’s new grill-driven Vietnamese powerhouse

Commune Group (Hanoi Hannah, Tokyo Tina, Neptune) has launched Firebird by Hanoi Hannah in Windsor, a grill-driven Vietnamese powerhouse packed with flame-licked flavours, introducing an entirely new concept to its vibrant stable of South-East Asian restaurants.


“It’s been a long time coming. Firebird is the rebel of Hanoi Hannah — we’re doing things differently this time. When you visit Vietnam, you’re drawn down these tiny, hazy alleyways by wafts of meat and seafood grilling over charcoal; we wanted to recreate that sensory experience in a Melbourne way. It’s not street food, it’s our food,” says Commune Group Director Simon Blacher.


Intensified by the charcoal grill, traditional Vietnamese flavours will pack a punch in a menu by Head Chef Steven Ngo, a Vietnamese native who sharpened his knives under esteemed chef David Thompson at Northern Thai offering Long Chim. Look forward to dishes such as:


●  Canh Chua – grilled pipis in a sour burnt tomato broth

●  BBQ flounder with a burnt butter and citrus nuoc mam

●  Wood-roasted eggplant, drizzled with red curry, served with fresh coconut cream

●  Duck l’orange – half-day roast duck burnt orange and five spice

When it comes to drinks, Firebird’s fiery ethos carries through to the cocktail list. Patrons can expect smoky spirits and charred fruits, with pours such as burnt grapefruit paloma.


Image credit: Jana Langhorst

Designed by Ewert Leaf, regular collaborators of Commune Group, the venue features textured concrete walls, pendant lighting, parquetry floorboards, original timber exposed beams and various hues of green. The open kitchen, featuring custom-built chargrill and wood-fire ovens, will be the focal point of the 110-seat venue, wrapped by a ‘70s tiled 12-seat bar.


The fourth Commune Group addition to the Windsor postcode, Blacher is excited to continue redefining dining in Melbourne’s South. “With Firebird opening and our noodle and banh mi shop down the road, High Street, Windsor, could soon become the new Victoria Street.”



223 High Street, Windsor VIC 3181


Main image: Parker Blain