Hot Tamale’s Snapper Ceviche Aguachile

Hot Tamale’s Executive Chef Martin Bouchier shares a recipe with us. It’s a signature dish that this Darwin restaurant is particularly proud of, as it showcases both local fish and organic produce.

Hot Tamale’s Snapper Ceviche Aguachile


Serves 4


500g fresh snapper fillets, skin off

625ml lime juice

200ml good pineapple juice

20g salt flakes

3g fresh ground black pepper

150g fresh jalapeños

60g picked coriander leaf

60g picked mint leaf



1.     Prepare the initial ceviche by dicing the snapper fillets into 1cm dice. Ensure there are no scales or bones!

2.     Cure the fish in 125ml lime juice and 15g salt flakes.

3.     Mix well and leave to rest for 15 mins, well refrigerated.

4.     Reserve a couple of fine coriander sprigs and mint leaf tops.

5.     Whilst the fish is curing, cut the stalks from the jalapeños and blend at high speed with all remaining 


6.     Separate the fish into 4 equal amounts and place in a mound in the centre of your chosen bowls.

7.     Using a 100ml ladle, take a well-mixed ladleful of the jalapeño liquid and pour over the top of the fish.

8.     Garnish with a couple of mint and coriander leaves.

9.     Serve immediately.