Gault&Millau community: bloggers dinner

Cameras. Lights. Questions. This week, Gault&Millau held the second “bloggers dinner” in Sydney. Twenty influential food bloggers and their friends came together with four senior reviewers from G&M to share stories, ideas and food.

By Jeremy Ryland


They were treated to a sensational meal at Sydney's O Bar and Dining. The food was created by head chef Darren Templeman, prepared from some of Australia’s finest produce, including a grilled WA marron with fermented black bean butter & preserved lemon salsa; and seared Wagyu rib blade on French girolle mushrooms with green onions and local truffles. 

Grilled WA marron  - image: SUSAN THYE

Darren not only composes exciting dishes from local produce but also creates dishes that are light and free from common allergens, including a magnificent gluten free passionfruit and chocolate bonbon soufflé that is light and airy, being stabilised with quinoa.


Gault&Millau believes in cultivating and working with food influencers, which has a lot in common with the modern bloggers. In fact, the Gault&Millau team was comparable to early bloggers! The two French journalists, Henri Gault and Christian Millau, loved sharing their food experiences and wrote for friends about the local Parisian restaurants. But in 1965 there was no internet – so they started a newsletter that grew into the Yellow Guide. 

Christian Millau’s ambition was to make readers want to go to the restaurants he wrote about. A restaurant is theatre, so we must give the reader the desire to visit ”. Today Gault&Millau continues this tradition and works alongside bloggers and restauranteurs to celebrate the best of Australian Cuisine.

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