Gault&Millau 2018 Yellow Rose Award

Meet Armando Percuoco, founder of Buon Ricordo, Paddington (NSW).

Our Yellow Rose Award recognises the chef, restaurateur or restaurant that has made an outstanding contribution to the hospitality industry. This year we have two winners – Armando Percuoco and Sisto Malaspina – who have both left a lasting impression on the industry. Both award winners came from Italy to make Australia their home and went on to leave a legacy that will long be remembered.



Interview with Armando Percuoco, co-winner of the G&M 2018 Yellow Rose Award


Meet the co-winner

        Armando Percuoco

        Buon Ricordo, Paddington (NSW)

For Armando, the challenge was to delve deeply into his heritage and to delight and surprise Sydney diners with his flamboyant take on Italian cuisine. It is with great joy that we congratulate Armando Percuoco, who certainly exceeds every criteria for this award, with his longstanding involvement in the industry and his ebullient style.


Perhaps best known for his long-established restaurant, Buon Ricordo, Armando has been involved in the industry since his teenage years, and after all those years of pleasing diners, he is now retired and enjoying time at his Hunter Valley farm. Gault&Millau congratulates this very deserving winner of our Yellow Rose Award.


The legacy of Armando Percuoco is yet to be fully written, such is the magnitude of his achievements and contribution to both the Sydney culinary landscape and the wider hospitality industry in Australia. His signature dish at Buon Ricordo, fettuccine al tartufovo, will forever remain the one unforgettable pasta dish that will define the rich influence of Italian food in Australia.


Not everyone understood the unwavering vision and burning passion within Armando, but his loyal diners always knew that he stood unequivocally behind his food, and that he always acted in their best interests. Rarely, a table of people departed Buon Ricordo without him warmly farewelling them at the door and thanking them for their patronage.


Armando was born of an era when simple food from the heart brought people together in a convivial atmosphere over a glass of wine, and they left enriched from that experience. At Gault&Millau, we say a very fond farewell to Armando, wishing him the absolute best, and feeling exactly the same way.

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