G&M’s Pantry Challenge: Chef Grant Parry’s Bailey’s bread and butter pudding, rum raisins, banana and caramelised rice bubble ice-cream

In response to our Pantry Challenge call-out to chefs for tasty recipes we can all cook at home using pantry staples, Chef Grant Parry has supplied this decadent (yet easy) recipe. And just how good does this dessert look? Comfort food never looked … or tasted … more delish.


Grant Parry’s Bailey’s bread and butter pudding, rum raisins, 

banana and caramelised rice bubble ice-cream



For the pudding

3 stale croissants 

4 eggs (2 eggs and 2 yolks)

100ml Baileys 

300ml fresh cream

80g white sugar

30g apricot jam


For the rum raisins

40g raisins 

30ml rum

200ml water


For the banana ice cream

2 over-ripe bananas

30g Greek yoghurt 


For the caramelised rice bubbles

20g rice bubbles

40g sugar

40ml water

Knob of butter



1) The day before, take the bananas, peel and chop them and place them in a sandwich bag in the freezer. Take them out of the freezer, add the Greek yogurt, blend with a food processor until you get a smooth ice cream, set aside in the freezer to harden up.


2) Also the day before, place all the ingredients for the rum raisins in a pot and bring to the boil, leave to cool and leave in the liquid until needed.


3) For the caramelised rice bubbles heat the sugar and water in a pot and boil until the sugar reaches 120°C or until there is no more steam coming off the sugar, add the rice bubbles and keep cooking until they turn a really golden brown colour, add the butter, take off the heat and tip out into a plate to cool down. Store in an airtight container until needed.


3) Firstly, take your ovenproof dish, brush with butter and then dust with flour so you can remove the pudding after baking … don’t be shy with the butter. In a blender jug place the Baileys, cream, sugar, whole eggs and egg yolks, blend and pass through a strainer.


4) Using a knife cut up the croissants into 1cm strips, keeping the ends for decorating the top.


5) Start to assemble by placing the croissants in the oven dish, covering the bottom of the dish with the cross sections and then covering with the raisins, next add the Baileys mix until it just covers the croissants. Repeat for 2 or 3 layers or until it’s just under the lip of your oven dish, now add the croissant ends sticking straight up in the dish, add some more of the Baileys mix and pour it over the top pushing the croissants into the dish to get it all nice and moist. Top with raisins and place into the oven at 150°C for 25 minutes or until you gently press on the top and it feels slightly spongy with no liquid.


6) Leave to cool, then while still warm run a knife around the edge and you should be able to turn it out in one piece, place the pudding on a tray, warm the apricot jam and brush the pudding with the jam until nice and shiny. Place back in the oven for a few minutes to heat through.


7) To assemble, place the pudding on a plate and put a spoonful of the banana ice cream on top and cover with the rice bubbles. Pour on some leftover pouring cream for extra decadence, and garnish with some edible flowers.

Calling all chefs: If you'd like to participate in this series with a recipe for our readers, we'd love to hear from you. Send your recipe + pix to