G&M 2016: The Yellow Rose

France Soir

In what can often be a tumultuous industry, Gault&Millau Australia’s Yellow Rose Award recognises the restaurant that has most successfully jumped the many hurdles faced by chefs and restaurateurs. With their optimistic hue and association with longevity, tenacity and good cheer, yellow roses are the perfect way to toast friends, lift spirits and send a wish for wellbeing. Our heartfelt congratulations go to France-Soir, this year’s winner.

One of Melbourne’s (and possibly Australia’s) most consistent restaurants, France-Soir has not taken their eye off the culinary ball since the restaurant opened in 1986. Founders Jean-Paul Prunetti and Yvon Vogel were intent on creating a traditional Parisian brasserie that would produce traditional yet inexpensive French dishes, and they succeeded admirably. Along the way, they developed many aspects of restaurant life that we take for granted today, including the plat du jour and the use of butcher’s paper instead of linen tablecloths.

Jean-Paul is still the driving force behind France-Soir, managing the restaurant to this day. He began his career as a 14-year-old waiter in Paris in 1964, so it is no surprise that he was able to bring a wonderful slice of Paris to South Yarra in Melbourne. Strong-willed and extremely well informed about the hospitality industry, Jean- Paul has an amazing eye for the market plus an enviable palate for and knowledge of international and domestic wines. His award-winning wine list is over 40 pages long, and focuses on superior yet aordable French tipples that complement the avours of the restaurant’s dishes.

The ongoing prosperity of France-Soir is due in large part to its long-serving Executive Chef, Géraud Fabre. Since taking on the top job in the year 2000, Chef Fabre has sculpted the menu into the solid oering it is today. He has stayed true to the regionality of the original menu devised by Jean-Paul and the restaurant’s First Head Chef, Joachim Inacio, while ensuring that modern tastes and preferences are addressed with aplomb.

France-Soir continues to deliver authentic French cuisine to adoring crowds, and their menu is backed up with sensational service from highly procient, Frenchspeaking waiters – some of whom have been with the restaurant for over 20 years. Gault&Millau Australia applauds Jean-Paul Prunetti and his team at France-Soir for their 30 years in the Australian hospitality industry, and we look forward with joie de vivre to what the next decades will bring for the restaurant.