G&M 2016 'Professional of the Year'

Vicki Wild, Sepia

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Even the best chefs in the world realise that quality ingredients, amazing flavours, creative menus and exquisite plating only go part of the way to creating a fullling dining experience for their patrons. How guests are welcomed into the restaurant and the manner in which they are served can be just as important as any food they consume – a dreadful front-of-house encounter can leave a bad taste in diners’ mouths that no dish can ever dispel. Gault&Millau Australia has identified restaurant professionals who demonstrate not only an enormous passion for the hospitality industry, but also many outstanding personal qualities – from congeniality to diligence – that complement the style of their particular restaurant. The Electrolux 2016 Professional of the Year Award recognises these dedicated individuals.

Opened in 2009, fine dining destination Sepia is proud to be among the top 100 restaurants in the world thanks in large part to Head Chef Martin Benn’s menu. As co-owner of Sepia (along with Chef Benn, her husband), Vicki Wild is well placed to understand that a restaurant’s stellar reputation is built on more than just the food it serves – when it comes to guest satisfaction, the importance of first impressions cannot be underestimated. Vicki has spent a lifetime in hospitality, and she is a stalwart of the industry. She has used this invaluable experience to carefully select employees – from the wait staff to the sommelier – who embody professionalism in every aspect of their work. Thanks to her wise input, Sepia’s front-of-house team runs like a well-oiled machine, ensuring that the restaurant’s patrons enjoy a flawless dining experience each and every time they visit.

The Electrolux 2016 Professional of the Year is awarded to Vicki Wild for her untiring dedication to service and her unceasing commitment to the Australian hospitality industry. Up-and-coming restaurant hosts would do well to emulate Vicki’s superb supervisory and organisational skills, the respectful way she interacts with her staff, as well as the genuine warmth with which she welcomes guests to Sepia – whether they are rst-time diners or old friends.