G&M 2016 'Chef of the Year'


Grant King, Gastro Park

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In the demanding role of chef, remaining current, innovative and on top of your game can be quite a challenge. Chefs must devise a menu that both appeals to a wide variety of palates and also differentiates their restaurant from others of it's ilk, while being acquainted with and taking advantage of seasonal produce when it is at its freshest. Elite chefs in Australia keep an eye on national and international food trends, and they have an innate ability to eschew fads and embrace ingredients and culinary methods that will stand the test of time. The PorkStar 2016 Chef of the Year Award has identified chefs who demonstrate outstanding technique while pushing creative boundaries and demonstrating a firm commitment to the hospitality industry.

Hailing from southern New Zealand, Grant King grew up surrounded by fresh produce - his parents grew fruits and vegetables in their garden, and family members owned farms nearby. Food became his passion, especially after he saw a video of too-cool-for-school Marco Pierre White in action and realised he could make a living by experimenting with tastes and textures. Arriving in Australia in 2003, Grant scored a job as a sous-chef at Greg Doyle's Sydney restaurant, Pier. Greg took young Grant under his wing, and it wasn't long before Grant became Head Chef at the restaurant. Seven years later, Grant was looking for a new challenge - which resulted in the opening of his phenomenal restaurant, Gastro Park, in 2011.

Grant King says, ' As chef and owner of Gastro Park, I oversee every element of my restaurant, including the food, wine, cocktails, service staff, design and PR. Being a creative chef/owner is extremely demanding but hugely rewarding'. Gault & Millau Australia believes that Grant does not get the recognition of the industry that we feel he deserves, so he is this year's winner of the PorkStar 2016 Chef of the Year Award. Having just gone through a refit of his restaurant, Grant has now put renewed energy into his menu - and the changes are exciting to see for both industry experts and diners alike.

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