Fast-tracked coffee beans from El Salvador aid bushfire relief

100% of the funds raised will go to Wildlife Rescue

Illustrating yet again the impact Australia’s bushfires have made around the world, Salvadoran coffee bean producer Aida Batlle has donated 20kg of coffee beans to help ST. ALi raise money for bushfire relief. Buy a mug of coffee created with this bean ($7) and 100% of the funds raised will go to Wildlife Rescue.

This Bourbon variety was harvested less than a month ago from Batlle’s family farm in El Salvador and represents the first Central American coffee for the 2020 harvest to land in Australia. The producer has achieved this by using an innovative, fast-tracked processing method dubbed “Fresco”, which involves only processing the perfectly ripe coffee cherries, depulping on the same day as picking and then they are dried, hulled, vacuum packed and shipped all in three weeks.


“With the terrible bushfires happening in Australia right now, my family and I wanted to help in some way. We are donating the coffee using a special processing method and airfreighting as soon as possible,” says Batlle.


Flavour notes: Clean and transparent with a citric acidity, creamy body, and notes of tangerine, brown sugar, caramel, blossom tea.


Available at ST. ALi South Melbourne and Mercedes Me from 21st February until sold out

Price: $8 per mug

Donation to: https://www.wires.org.au