Cocktail: Smoke on the Water by Snapper Rocks

This cocktail from Darwin’s Snapper Rocks was loosely inspired by the modern classic cocktail, the Penicillin.

Smoke on the Water has the smoky brine of Laphroaig, vibrancy from the lime and the herbaceousness of mint, together with Chartreuse and Fernet-Branca. A bright, delicious and complex beast.


Smoke on the Water



45ml Dewar’s White Label

15ml Laphroaig

22.5ml sugar syrup

15ml lime juice

2 drops Chartreuse

2 drops Fernet-Branca

4 mint leaves

To garnish: dehydrated lime wheel and mint sprig



1. Chill rocks glass.

2. Incorporate all ingredients into Boston shakers.

3. Add ice and close tins.

4. Hard shake for around 12 seconds.

5. Fill rocks glass with ice and double strain, removing the smashed mint.

6. Garnish with dehydrated lime wheel and mint.