Cocktail: Bartolo’s It’s So Foggy

Like all of Bartolo’s seasonal cocktails, It's So Foggy tells a story reminiscent of hiking up a mountain in the fog, and the sensation of dryness from breathing in the misty air and the native forest scents.

This drink is tall and fresh, using native Australian myrtle mix and an acidic pear cordial. The drink is finished off with a simple skeleton leaf garnish that gives you a feeling of vision through the fog. 


30ml Bombay Sapphire Gin

10ml Chartreuse Yellow

30ml Mancino Bianco 

30ml pear and lemon myrtle cordial*

45ml soda

To garnish: skeleton leaf


Build in tall glass over long Collins stick ice from Bare Bones Ice Co. Garnish with a skeleton leaf. 


*This cordial is made with Australian Packham pears, which are a sweet and aromatic kind of pear. This element gives both a sweet and acidic note to the drink, helping round out the flavours in the mouth. It is sous vide using the pears, water, sugar and malic acid, which are then strained off the through a cheesecloth and the result is a non-alcoholic cordial – clear, aromatic, fruity and acidic.