Chef Nelly Robinson launches inspiring new degustation menu

The Once Upon A Time menu at Sydney's nel. features dishes from everyone's favourite Disney movies including Bambi, Snow White, The Lion King, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and more!

Chef Nelly Robinson from nel. likes to keep things interesting… that’s why he changes the degustation menu at his bunker-eque, Surry Hills venue every eight weeks. Each course was designed with one of Nelly’s favourite childhood films in mind.

Bambi's Mum

Starting with a Spoonful of Sugar and finishing with the Seven Moods of the Seven Dwarves – nel.’s Once Upon a Time degustation will have guests feeling completely overwhelmed with nostalgia.

One dish that has everyone talking is Nelly's recreation of Bambi's Mum.  As children, one cannot forget the horror of 'that scene,' and Chef Robinson wanted to ensure he included all of the most memorable childhood moments, not just the happy ones!

Telling Porky Pies 

"I think everyone cried when Bambi's mum got shot.... well, I know I did. I love these films from my childhood and know so many people who feel the same way, so I decided to create a one of a kind experience for my diners," says Nelly. "For the ‘Bambi’s Mum’ course, we make the most of the situation by cooking the venison slowly, rolling it in peppers and serving with beetroot and parsnip."

A nel. degustation would not be complete without a little extra theatre with each course, and for the Bambi's Mum course, guests are provided with rifle casings with a mix of seeds to sprinkle on their dish.

Peter Pan

Other noteworthy dishes include Telling Porky Pies, which recreates a very memorable scene where a certain puppet tells lies and his wooden nose grows, sprouting leaves along the way. Nelly has recreated the famous nose from a truffle and gruyere cheese gougère that served with mushroom, and presented to guests in a custom birdcage.

Whilst Nelly wishes to keep a lot of the menu under wraps so guests can experience true surprise, we can reveal that some of the other eleven dishes in this degustation include Under the Sea, which is a dish based on spanner crab and tomato bubbles with seaweed, Kiss the Tramp which is a crunchy spaghetti with basil pesto, pork meatball and mozzarella foam and Asante Sana Squash Banana which serves up a banana mousse, saffron banana, tamarind caramel, puffed wild rice and green apple sorbet.

Cinderella's Pumpkin

The creativity and iconic inspiration are not reserved simply for the menu either, with many of the drinks reflecting the theme. One such example is a gorgeous mandarin tea being served in none other than everyone’s favourite porcelain character, Chip. 

Once Upon A Time - A Degustation

Location: nel. restaurant, 75 Wentworth Ave, Sydney, 2000

Date: 9 April - 29 June

Cost: $118 pp (optional $90 pp for beverage matching)