Chargrill Charlie’s launches the Bloody Mary Burger and Melbourne Cup hangover pack

The ultimate post-Cup lifesaver to get you back in the saddle the day after the night before


Chargrill Charlie’s has created the Bloody Mary Burger to help Australians get back in the saddle the day after Melbourne Cup. This culinary lifesaver will be available for one day only, Wednesday 6 November, in store or delivered straight to the office as part of their Melbourne Cup Hangover Pack, feeding the team with eight burgers, devil wings and wedges.


For the last 30 years, Chargrill Charlie’s has been creating dishes to suit every craving. Now the proudly Australian, family-run chicken institution has a remedy for the heaviest of heads with their ultimate post-Cup pick-me-up, dripping with their secret finger-licking Bloody Mary sauce. The burger will be available at any of their 14 stores across Sydney and Melbourne and includes beef, cheese, tomato, grilled onions, pickles and a fried egg. Diners who need an extra kick can purchase a bottle of house-made Bloody Mary Sauce to take home and keep on hand for next time they celebrate a little too hard.


For those who can’t quite muster the energy to venture outside, Chargrill Charlie’s has created the Melbourne Cup Hangover Pack, available to pre-order exclusively through their new online catering service. Delivered straight to your desks, the Hangover Pack is jam-packed with all the things needed to blast the bleary head away, including eight Bloody Mary burgers, a bottle of house-made Bloody Mary sauce, devil wings and wedges.


Chargrill Charlie’s also has Melbourne Cup office parties sorted, with their Melbourne Cup Party Pack, available to pre-order now. Chookas’ fans in Sydney and Melbourne can choose their own party packs, hand-picking their famous BBQ or Portuguese chicken, selection of fresh salads, vegetables and bread rolls.


Chargrill Charlie’s opened its doors on the golden shores of Coogee in 1989 and the company prides itself on its strong Australian roots. Clean cooking techniques have made their shops the go-to dinner place for busy families since 1989, while their award-winning recipes have kept people’s mouths watering time and time again.


The Hangover Pack and The Melbourne Cup Party Pack are available for pre-order now from:


The Bloody Mary Burger and Bloody Mary Sauce will be available in-store on Wednesday 6th November.