Bomba and Pickett's Deli celebrate International Bacon Day 2019

Saturday, 31 August marks International Bacon Day 2019 in Australia

To celebrate, Bomba and Pickett's Deli will be dishing up the very best of Australian Pork and celebrating and supporting Australian pork farmers!


Bomba Tapas Bar & Rooftop

103 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Serving up a range of bacon specials, Bomba has cured and smoked their own pork in-house to create three different styles of bacon – Canadian, English and Aussie – using native woods and spices.


On the Rooftop, a tapas tasting plate including all three styles of bacon will be available, as well as a special bacon & egg bikini (Catalan toasted sandwich) and espresso martini with jamón-infused vodka! The Rooftop is open from 3pm on Saturday. Dinner in the restaurant is from 5pm.


Pickett's Deli

507 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 

The chefs at Pickett's Deli will be cooking up a storm on the grill outside, serving its signature Mr P’s bacon & egg rolls ($12 each or $14 each with cheddar cheese). A special BLT made up of waffles, baby spinach, house-made crispy bacon, tomato and poached egg will also be available ($18 each). The deli is open from 7am on Saturday.