Benjamin Parth: Austria's Chef of the Year 2019

Among connoisseurs, Benjamin Parth is no longer a stranger. 'Getting better every day' was the creed from the beginning, with which he quickly managed to catch up with the culinary elite of Austria. Critics call him a 'master of soups and sauces'. Driven by his passion for perfect products and bold creations, he convinces with a puristic and clear line with high taste density.

The Award

The 'Chef of the decade'Award by Gault&Millau is the most coveted award in Austrian gastronomy. Benjamin Parth is the 36th chef to receive this special award. Since 2016, Lohberger Heiz & Küchengeräte Technologie GmbH is supporting the award. The company stands for innovative and high-quality concepts for commercial kitchens and is Austria's market leader.

Benjamin Parth about the coveted title 'Chef of the year': "This award is undoubtedly the highlight of my career so far. 'Chef of the Year' is a once in a lifetime award and a phenomenal endorsement for me and my team. At this point I want to say ‘thank you’, first and foremost to our guests, who have experienced and made possible our development - toque by toque. As a passionate snowboarder, a comparison is close to me: every athlete wants to not only be at the Olympic Games, but be at the top. Therefore, this award is a sort of stage victory on the way to our other big goal: the fourth toque.”

Benjamin Parth's signature dish: Arctic char with potato purée and gentian foam.

(c) Jörg Lehmann

Martina and Karl Hohenlohe, publisher Guide Gault&Millau Austria about Benjamin Parth: "In the farthest corner of Tyrol, a highly successful ski tourism has developed here, where après ski skiers evidently feel just as comfortable as demanding gourmets. At no other place we do count that many toques in relation to the size of the place. Bravo. At the top are some well-known chefs, but we would like to highlight one this year: Benjamin Parth. An exceptional talent screaming for a platitude: still waters are deep. And how. Each dish perfectly composed and razor-sharply executed. Mostly surprising, sometimes edgy, always faithful to his line. This is what a chef of the year looks like. We congratulate him.”

Lohberger Heiz & Küchengeräte Technologie GmbH congratulates Benjamin Parth cordially on the award: "Lohberger and the Parth family have been working together for more than 10 years. Therefore, we also followed the great path of Benjamin Parth. We sincerely congratulate to this award. Benjamin is also representative of the high level of the young generation of chefs in Austria.”

Benjamin Parth and Martin Sieberer. (c) Gault&Millau/APA-Fotoservice/Lechner

The honoured chef

Benjamin Parth was born in 1988 in Zams, Tyrol. His professional career began with top chef Heinz Winkler in Aschau (Germany) and led him into the world to learn in numerous top restaurants. Stations at Santi Santamaria in Spain, Marc Haeberlin in France and Sven Elverfeld in Wolfsburg shaped Parth's kitchen line and aroused his passion for the best of the sea. For ten years, he has been working as a chef at the Stüva gourmet restaurant, where he was elected the youngest toque-chef in Austria at the age of 19.
2004 - 2006              Apprenticeship at “Residenz Heinz Winkler” (Aschau, Germany)
since 2008               Chef at Restaurant Stüva, Ischgl
2009                         First Gault&Millau-toque and award "Youngest toque-chef in Austria”
2015                         Third Gault&Millau-toque with 17 points
Current                    Three Gault&Millau toques with 18 points