Annata’s naan bread

Annata’s Head Chef Daniel Webb reckons these fluffy naans are pretty good midnight snacks for chefs, but we reckon they’re a great snack for anyone, any time!


8g yeast

18g caster sugar

375ml water

750g plain flour

130g melted butter

200g labneh

18g nigella seed

Canola oil spray



Activate yeast in water in a warm spot.

Melt butter, leave to cool slightly.

Make dough with all ingredients and prove (the labneh is seasoned, so acts as the salty element). 

Once tripled in size, knock back and make into 55g balls.

Prove again.

Once doubled in size, put some pans on the heat to get moderately hot. Spray pans with canola oil. 

Take naan dough balls and carefully flatten with your fingers. Try to leave pockets of air, so naans can rise during cooking.

Flip over after a minute or so.

Once cooked, leave in a tea towel and cover so the residual heat helps to steam a little bit and retain moisture.

Makes around 25 naans.