Annata during COVID-19

Not only does Annata now offer a delicious takeaway menu 6 days a week for both lunch and dinner, the range of offers is constantly growing and evolving

First: Annata’s takeaway offering. A bit of a change from what they normally do, they are offering takeaway friendly meals and snacks, including 'Bento' Sets – a main protein, with a veg side and a little sweet treat, all in the $20–$30 range. Check out the takeaway menu here.


Yesterday, the Annata crew launched their produce boxes, giving customers a choice of protein, starch and sauce, then they fill the box with seasonal veg appropriate for the protein. These boxes are available for next day pickup if ordered before 5pm. They've also extended the service out to their guests – if there is specific produce they need from specific suppliers, they will help them if they can. 


Finally, now the state government is allowing them to sell alcohol takeaway, the team have rearranged their dining area to present their entire wine list as a makeshift bottle shop. 



69 Willoughby Road, Crows Nest NSW 2065

02 9437 3700

Open midday–9pm, Monday to Saturday

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