A zero-alcohol gin traditionally distilled with Himalayan juniper


Introducing Fluère, a premium alcoholic-free gin born in a copper still and crafted with all-natural ingredients. Ambrosial, complex, punchy and a perfect mixer.



Imagine the perfect gimlet – tart, zesty and refreshing but punchy like an ocean dive in 30° heat while simultaneously aromatic like a pine forest after rain. Now imagine that without alcohol. It’s impossible … until now. Fluère is a non-alcoholic gin changing the game.


The new spirit is everything a gin is, herbaceous, powerful and a harmonious mixer, only this is a ‘spirito non alcolico’ – a gin with no booze.


The innovative zero-alcohol spirit comes from a collaboration between Dutch VOC Spirits and 18th-century distillery Hooghoudt. Their secret is a spin on traditional gin production called hydro steam distilling. The distillers gather sweet lemon peels from the Mediterranean, the zestiest coriander seeds from Casablanca, lavender from Provence and the most rich, viscous sugarcane molasses from the Dominican Republic. Each is individually pressurised and steamed in a copper still to produce a fine essential oil, which is then infused with filtered Dutch National Park water.


Using all-natural ingredients (none of those commercialised lab alternatives) and a traditional copper still makes Fluère retain the depth and unique boozy after-bite of an alcoholic gin. It has the brightness and depth for a straight pour on the rocks, and it mixes with a soda, a tonic or lime juice with the same complexity and harmony of any premium gin. All this without any of the health risks associated with strong alcohol, and zero risk of a regrettable morning after nursing a headache and a plate of greasy hangover cures.


The premium new non-alcoholic spirit comes at a time where interest in healthy, alcohol-free lifestyles is growing exponentially. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports Australian alcohol consumption is at its lowest since the 1960s, while mocktails are now a regular feature on the menus of Sydney and Melbourne’s best restaurants and bars.


In many ways, Fluère is honouring the origins of gin itself, a drink created to cure the ails of the mid-17th century. Even before that, Romans experimented with lavender, juniper and coriander as preventative treatments for the ills of their legions. Fluère is the modern equivalent, a drink with all the flavour but nothing nasty – a gin for a modern, mindful drinker.


Fluère is available now from Dan Murphy’s and other premium bottle shops.


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