A milestone in our culinary journey

This is State of Origin Season! Whether you live in Queensland or NSW – or simply watch from other locations – it is a time to reflect on where we came from. Blue or Maroon – we are all Aussies. We live in the best country in the world – a multicultural society free of many of the problems in other parts of the world. Sure, there are tensions and issues, but overall, we still live in the Lucky Country.

By the AussieCuisine team


When we consider our food we can take heart that we have one of the best food supplies in the world and one of the most varied cuisines.


Many visitors ask, what is AussieCuisine?


Ask anyone for their opinion and you are likely to get answers ranging from “I don’t know” to “I know it when I taste it” and everything in between.


In our most recent Gault&Millau Australia review of dining establishments in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, more than 300 restaurants indicated that they serve “Contemporary Australian Cuisine”, but most were unable to give us an informative explanation or even the defining characteristics of such a cuisine. It was this lack of a clear answer that gave birth to the AussieCuisine project.


The AussieCuisine Project, sponsored by Gault&Millau, is designed to explore and define the essence of Australian Cuisine.


Over the past three years we have interviewed about 35 chefs and food experts. We have held several forum discussions and researched over 125 articles and texts on Australian food and culture.


We know that Australia is a multicultural society developed over 200 years of immigration…our food is the food of our pioneers - the original indigenous society, British convicts and colonists, Chinese gold hunters, European refugee migrants, Asian refugee migrants, other displaced migrants and people who just want to be here.


So Australian eateries typically try to keep everyone happy by specialising in everything!


·      The French:

o   They brought us the basic cooking technique.

·      The Chinese:

o   They established our eating-out scene.

·      The Greeks:

o   They introduced us to the coffee shop concept and the mezze plate, which is the foundation of the share plate trend.

·      The Italians:

o   Their pasta and pizza became some of our most popular dishes.

·      The Japanese:

o   Their cuisine reflects the best of our coastal lifestyle.

·      Our Asian neighbours:

o   They added vibrancy and flavours to our cuisine.

·      And of course the contribution of Our Indigenous First Australian’s cannot be ignored. Whilst often thought of as being simple hunter/gatherer survival food it is now emerging that the ancient Aboriginal Australian’s developed many modern food technologies including cultivation of grain, aquaculture and even bread making.


Australia exhibits a global cuisine, borrowing styles, techniques and recipes from around the world. Australia’s cooking is exciting, dynamic and growing – perhaps as a result of not having a long cultural history. Australia does not seek to retain a traditional regional character, as does Italy, so is free to experiment and create new fusion recipes.


So after this detailed and on-going research, we have concluded that Australian Cuisine is…


'A fresh, light, vibrant and innovative cuisine; featuring the diversity of Australian inland and coastal produce and reflecting our relaxed outdoor lifestyle.'

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