2019 Gault&Millau Awards

Who will be the 2019 Gault&Millau Chef of the Year? This coming Monday, 11 February 2019, Gault&Millau will host its 6th Annual Awards night and will announce the winners of the 15 coveted annual industry awards…

By Jeremy Ryland


We all love awards! As children, we would get medals and certificates for excelling at sports, art and other creative pursuits. Later we would get awards for work and community involvement. The wine industry is built upon awards, as are many other food and beverage products. Awards are a form of recognition, differentiation and an indication of quality or ability - and we all love to be recognised for what we do well.


There are competitions in almost every aspect of human activity. From the Olympics, sports, quiz shows, cooking competitions, cat ‘n’ dog shows, advertising and, of course, gambling. Even at work, we can win awards for excelling in our chosen specialties and companies have annual award nights. People love competing – and we all love to win. Humans are social animals. We crave validation, which is why social media, particularly Instagram, is so popular. Even “selfies’, which we publish as a form of self-awards and recognition.  


Even if we don’t win – just being nominated amongst our peers is often all that is needed. We feel included and special.


We like to focus on the “alpha” members of the groups, be they royalty, heroes, celebrities and even antiheroes. We pay attention to people and products which influence our lives. We like to copy award winners. And awards help us to find and differentiate the best. We love to buy award-winning products and go to award-winning restaurants as these are the best and we want to share the best we can.


Awards, of course, also help the recipients. Winning an award builds self-esteem, conferring prestige on the winner and can accelerate your career, sell more product and bring more people into your restaurant. Receiving regular awards is a great way to lure the best talent to your business and can motivate those already involved. We all want to be on the winning team.


Of course, sometimes, awards can also have a downside. They can make your product or restaurant too popular, putting a strain on resources and affecting quality. Awards put you in the limelight so small mistakes and indiscretions can be blown out of proportion. And winning an award can put pressure on a business to constantly excel. Many people have refused awards – Jean-Paul Sartre famously refused the Nobel Prize for Literature, Marco Pierre White asked Michelin not to review his restaurant in Singapore and several restaurateurs have given back Michelin stars, citing the pressures of maintaining stars, high or unrealistic expectations from customers and the excessive workload.


But overall, we all love to win and to be acknowledged for what we love to do, particularly in this rapidly changing world of influencers, bloggers, celebrities, Instagram and more. Award-winning chefs and restaurants can look forward to increased exposure and increased sales.

Gault&Millau Awards


Next week, on Monday 11 February 2019, Gault&Millau will announce the winners of our 15 coveted annual industry awards:


  •    Who will be the 2019 Gault&Millau Chef of the Year? The competition is fierce as usual this year with big names like Attica’s Ben Shewry, Berowra Waters Inn Brian Geraghty & Brae’s Dan Hunter.
  •    Will the “Restaurant of the Year” be one of your favourites?
  •    Who will make it through to “Young Talent of the Year”?
          •    And who will make it into the Top 100?


As Australia’s first international restaurant guide, we continue to be impressed by the quality of talented professionals we have in Australia. We are proud to show off to the world that our restaurants are well on par with, if not superior to, their international counterparts. 


Gault&Millau has been producing the Yellow Guide for over 45 years. It is revered and trusted by discerning frequent diners, foodies and industry experts globally as the epitome of restaurant and culinary reviews. Our reviewers are all trained, professional, anonymous and use the same strict standards as all our international counterparts, which have been well honed over five decades. This framework allows us to benchmark Australia’s chefs and restaurants alongside the best in the world. The scoring system we use at Gault&Millau is the same in every country – so a three-toque restaurant in Australia is of the same quality and standard as a three-toque restaurant in France, Germany or Japan.


For this year’s Guide, we reviewed 1200 restaurants in Australia. And on Monday 11 February, we will release our Top 100 best restaurants along with our new “Pop” restaurants – a selection of trendy, accessible restaurants, bars and bistros that may not conform to traditional expectations, but still provide a unique and memorable experience to the diner that is professional, fresh and inspired.


The 2019 Gault&Millau National Restaurant Guide will comprise Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants, as well as the best 100 “POP” Restaurants, and the 50 Best New Restaurants. Plus all reviewed restaurants are published digitally at www.gaultmillau.com.au.


To secure your copy of the 2019 Gault&Millau National Restaurant Guide, go to www.gaultmillau.com.au.


It’s not too late to register for the Awards Night – go to… https://gaultmillauevents.com.